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Death's Harbinger

Lionel is the young son of an ordinary farmer and his wife. He lives a simple life with his happy little family... until they’re suddenly attacked and brutally murdered before him by dark creatures of legend. Forced to flee the only space he’s ever known, he seeks out the renowned Drindle, keeper of the entire realm’s weather. What he finds is a decrepit old codger whose grumpiness is only matched by his mysteriousness. Follow along as Lionel discovers the huge world beyond his small farm and why the ancient weather man has taken such an interest in him. Author here! Please give this book a few chapters there is loads to explore and learn as this world is unveiled!

GodGladiator · Fantasy

I am Armageddon (Remaster)

Armageddon is the most powerful being that none could stand as equal thanks to events that have created him to be longer once the angle of god he used to be or mortal upon walking the earth. He chose to become something that stands between Heaven and Hell. Yet that changed to no longer be when Armageddon was struck by a weapon created to take his life. Lucky for him a deep loyal ally saves his soul in time before being taken by the enemies that have attacked him. After being saved Armageddon could not return back to his body as it was no more, but the soul could be placed in another one of that of a teen boy body on Earth. Armageddon must live in this body with a deep desire to seek regaining power and vengeance. ---------------------------- Here my patreon https://www.patreon.com/Mattfuncool Discord https://discord.gg/HcaG8GgQ3U Mattfuncool#021

mattfuncool · Fantasy
Not enough ratings