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Fate’s Play

" Quinn " his melodic voice called out to me . I knew it in an instant that it was him cause my heart skipped a beat. My body usually responds to him but not this time, not until he gives me some valid reasons. I gave him my silent treatment by ignoring his tempting voice and started walking away. "Why are you here?" he insisted me with an authoritative tone. "Quinn , talk to me !" "Why?" I bursted out unable to tolerate my anger . The temperature changed as I smirked at myself knowing the reason. "Why are you doing this to me ?" His beautiful face was scrunched up in confusion. "Why are you disappearing on me? Yesterday, you magically vanished within a second " I paused for a while and then continued. "Don't even try to make an excuse for that. It's humanly impossible. This is not the first ti-" " I'm a spirit" he replied casually. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What will you do when your walls of truth breaks down as lies? What happens when you don't know the real you? What happens when your past becomes your future? Will you try to fight it or will you accept it as your fate? Let's see what decision Quinn Merida Luke takes in this story....

Vini_Robin · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings