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Crimes (Hamilton Fanfic)

They told me my name is Alex. They told me I committed a crime. They told me I was 19, and had a scholarship to King’s College but if I didn’t make this right, it would be gone. What they didn’t tell me, is what I did, or how to fix it. This is a story I put up on Wattpad, it isn’t finished but I decided to put it up on here too.

VioletW64 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Promises | Thomgelica

Thomas Jefferson's enemy is Alexander Hamilton Angelica Schuyler's first heartbreak was caused by Alexander Hamilton What would happen if they team up and pretend to date each other so they can mess with him? College/ Modern AU •Started 10/15/17• ~I do not own the art for the cover and of course I don't own Hamilton~

Rhiannon_M · Teen
Not enough ratings