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The unimaginable happened. Ken woke up to a world in great shambles, a world where mindless creatures wander about. More so, he also discovered that higher beings can communicate with him through dreams. How will he survive this apocalyptic world? And just how many would trust and believe him? Would this seemingly Last days of the world really be the last? NOTE: Epic/Poem form ... Other works by The author: REAPER'S BALLAD-fantasy romance novel That deals with tragedy, acceptance, romance and more (Will soon be adapted to comics)

tigerpaws · Horror&Thriller

Onus Angelorum - Shadow

Alerie’s story continues with her lineage revealed and her transformation into a shadow wolf complete. She must reconcile the loss of Henry into the Yolk and Leo into the Grove. Dagen continues to press for a fully monogamous commitment. Choosing between her needs and Dagen's uncompromising desire to control her drives a deep wedge in their already strained relationship. Her promise not to add new lovers to her life becomes hard to keep. What she wants and what she needs are at odds with reality. The dark witches are angry with her gains on the battlefield and quietly plotting her end, anyway they can. ~This dark romance is a magic realism, reverse harem romance with demons, vampires, wolves and witches filled with sex and violence. ~enjoy.

Celie_Wells · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Academia for Angels and Demons-CANCELED PROJECT

GizmoStudios · History
Not enough ratings