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The 140th Time I Reincarnated (RWBY Universe)

The 140th Time I Reincarnated (RWBY Universe)

This is my first fan fiction I ever wrote outside my notebook so don't judge. We follow a character whose name changes each reincarnation so for simplicities sake I will call him Dom....yes,Dom. This life name This is the name givin' to him by a church's sister.He is an orphan. You the reader shall follow him through a RWBYverse. He is basically an old monster in a young body.Oh but he isn't the focus point of the story,he's just a teacher who will be teaching the members of his 4-man controlled gang and whoever else I decide to let him teach. He has a lot of abilities that I have put into 6 categories. They are as follows:True Qi(The point in between the upper and lower body),Vital Qi(The Heart),Will(The point between the left and right brain),Mana(Point of the left brain),The Body(Pure Muscle),and The Soul(The....Soul) He'll feel like that badass character you wish you were but, aren't every time you see a badass in a game. Chapter release is inconsistent do to my crappy phone and just as crappy app connection to webnovel.

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