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Ancient Rome: The Supreme Slaveholder

Ye Tian crossed through Ancient Rome with the Strongest Slaveholder System. He kicked Crassus’s ass, smacked Pompey’s face, and stroked Caesar’s head. With the backing of the Senate, and the three giants of Rome bowing their heads, those proud aristocrats knelt at Ye TIan’s feet. Archeological experts of later ages found that, unexpectedly, the Supreme Emperor who had once ruled three continents…was Chinese.

BadBoyForBad · History

Rome: Beginning with the Commander of the Legion

"Joining the legion is to make money! Otherwise, I wouldn't be willing to give his life to the rice buckets of the Senate!" "The rice buckets in the Senate are forbidden to take the initiative to attack, don't you know that only arresting slaves is the fastest way to make money?" Brian, a man who covets the throne of the Republic and the supreme power! In short, this is a story of growing from a legion commander to a great emperor.

PIPI · War&Military
Not enough ratings

Deadliest Warrior - Contest of Crowns

Updated regularly Contest of crowns; six powerful kingdoms at war, (Rome, Viking, China, Templar, Highlander, Japan) each deceived by the overseers (wicked Gods that pull the strings of man). The seventh realm, Hell, controlled by the Dark Sorceress. She sends her demon-legions to the realms of man. Six deadly warriors must unite the kingdoms to defeat the darkness. Recommend for fans of GOT, LOTR and Three Kingdoms

Oldpracticeaccount · Fantasy