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The Ancient Reincarnation [Completed]

The Ancient Reincarnation [Completed]

6 Gods, 6 Women. What will happen when Fate brought them together? We all know that the Ancient Greece myth will never die even when the civilization was gone. The influence of the myth can still be seen in today's modern world and it would be better if the Gods can see it with their eyes, right? Meet Lena Ferranti, who was a curator at a museum that was in charge of the Ancient Greece exhibition when she met Zander, the eligible bachelor of Italian high society. Then, meet Jenny who was a cat burglar but she got caught on the web when there was a new thief in town, Harriet who has a secret of his own. Plus, meet Elise who was a struggling blacksmith when the demand for the handmade sword was depleting until Percival, the new blacksmith in town arrived and gave a little competition. Also, meet Tammy, who was struggling to be an engineer until she met the new engineer that can make wonders with steel, Ryes. Later, meet Gabriella who was struggling to manage her parents' vineyard until a new sommelier, Niles, was giving some tips for the vineyard for something in return for his service. Lastly, meet Valeria who was a struggling musician until she met Loxias and asked him to teach her. Loxias agreed to do it but he asked for something in return which Valeria would be reluctant to give. What happened when the ancient Gods reincarnated and fell in love with a mortal? Find out in these novellas!

Nikki_Larousse · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings