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The Immortal Human

The Immortal Human

NOTICE: DROPPED. Please try > "Roman Transmigratus" Do you want to live forever? Do you want to change something? Do you want to destroy or build? Follow the story of The Immortal Human and we'll get to see more of: Ancient Rome to Chinese Dynasties, to Korean Empire, to Japanese Shogunate, and many other possibility of more adventure. Adventure with Kingdom building along the way, Ancient Military involvement, Politics, Ancient Commerce, Romance, Family, etc. R-18!!! I REPEAT, R-18! Kids, stay away from this novel. slow but bulk release. --------- This is my first story, I'm not an English native speaker. I would appreciate reviews from you guys.

Mankeum_Jiang · History


Karlim World, a fantasy world where humanity divided and waging war against each other as they struggle to survived amidst of environmental disaster, horrors and treat, where gigantic monsters and ferocious beasts roam the air, land and sea, where magic is superior and technology is almost desolate yet precious to every people, in this savage yet beautiful world, strong preys on weak, and power and strength is absolute rule, within this cruel and unjustified scattered continents, a dead eye and lone young man sent himself for a dangerous career for grand adventure.

Nyubi_Hamacheur · Fantasy
Not enough ratings