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Ancient Saiyan in ATG

Ancient Saiyan in ATG

this is my first fanfic be warned and please help me with spelling or grammar errors i got kinda ghetto writing style(by the way i spelled ghetto wrong and had to use auto correct) (it's short cuz i just started this fanfic.) read the start of the journey of newly "spawned" Ancient saiyan in a world where the strong beat down the weak and near immortals with thousands of years of battle experience, and "prodigys" walk the lands,for most this sounds unpleasant to say the least to this battle hungry saiyan however this is paradise, showing his monstrous potential and prodigious talent in progression along with inheriting techniques and his unyielding determination that defies even the Gods themselves!!. and he only wants one thing to see his limits and tear beyond them

meme_myself · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings