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Flames of Passion in Los Angeles

Flames of Passion in Los Angeles

*UNDER REVISION* This is a sequel of both my books, 'That One Flight' and ' Love In Belgrade', I'd recommend you reading them first (if you haven't) to make the storyline more clear. *This book has some explicit content* BOOK THREE from the 'O'Neill Series'. *EXTRACT FROM THE STORY* I look through my phone again and I see that Ana has texted me. I smile as I read through her messages. Ana: Hey, are you asleep, if so, I am sorry if I woke you up. I just wanted to say that I love you. Ana: And I miss you so much. Too much. Then I see she sent me another message, a short while after her last one. Ana: James, are you okay? Please text me whenever you can. I love you. I can feel my heart is beating faster. James: Hey baby, I am fine. But I'll be better if you were here beside me in my bed. ;) James: How is my birthday girl? James: Ana, I miss you so fucking much too baby. Just the thought of you makes me go so hard. I can't wait until I see you again, kiss you again, hug you again, lick you again, eat you again... fuck you again. Fucking hell, I need to see her, but in person. Ana: You know that me getting wet, plus being out in public does not go together all that well ;) She is wet? Fuck me... James: I am going to make you rain the next time I see you, that is my promise to you ;) Ana: That is not helping my leaking problem, you know that? James: I know... I am just saying what I will do to you the next time I see you. Ana: James! You are going to make me squirt in public... James: Oh... I can't let that happen... Ana: Thank you god... James: You can only squirt for me, only on me.

Strale · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings