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Dragon Incarnation

Dragon Incarnation

(TEST) RELEASE RATE INFO BELOW... Tyler has never had an easy life ever since he was in elementary school, it was even a little unfair. One day his bad luck finally breaks and he discovers AlKo online. A massive fantasy world filled with magic and mythical beasts awaits him. Numerous unfathomable threats and catastrophes stalk this world with ravenous eyes. A new powerhouse is born and the major powers can't ignore him. His great ambition, which was suppressed in the real world, runs wild and his strength expands rapidly. Absolute power... Overwhelming strength... Unshakeable influence... Vast wealth... Endless knowledge and potential... Beautiful women... His ridiculous growth speed startles the gods and devils alike as he obtains everything and anything. All who threaten or get in his way are brutally put down. All who aid him only see great benefits and a bright future. A legend is birthed... Tags: Romance//System//Action//Harem//R-18//Adventure//Game//Ambitious MC//Cunning & Smart MC//Comedy//Polygamy//Overpowered MC//Fantasy//Prodigy MC MONDAY: 2 chapters WEDNESDAY: 2 chapters FRIDAY: 2 chapter Any future mass releases will be done over the weekend. I will only do those when I accumulated many excess drafts. This is my TEST release rate to see if I can handle it. I will try hard to have to abide by this release rate but I do have stuff to do in real life so please bare with me if I’m late or I miss it. (The title image isn't mine and if the original creator wishes to have the credit or for it to be taken down, please contact me.)

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