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Taming a Warrioress

Book 2 of the series 'The Warrior's of Ar'mora' Series books should be read in order. First book of the series is 'A Lady's Submission' and it is uploaded here. Deep in the jungle there lies a place that was once under Ar’mora’s rule, but no longer. Little is known of a city that once boasted as being the fairest city on earth. What little remains of its past is relegated to myth and fantasy. Such an ancient mystery stirs the heart of the youngest of the clan, Tyree Arn, to adventure forth and discover what treasures the jungle may hold of Ar’mora’s ancient past, but it is a journey upon which all his friends refuse to accompany him on. He will have to discover what has been hidden away, since times of old, by himself, with only his belief in God as an ally in the war to survive against the lustful passions of the deep jungle. The deep jungle is a place of wildness. A place of tall walls and gory histories. A place where monsters yet roam and yet for the brave soul a mate can yet be claimed from the jungle, but can she be tamed? Will a girl of the forest accept the possessing dominance of a man of Ar’mora or will she be wild and like the sisters of her own ancient clan? A clan that is feared and hated by all mankind. Taming a Warrioress is the second part of a five book journey into the exotic realms of a place that has never been spoken of and is now just beginning to be realized through the lives of the five remaining blood heirs of the House of Arn, of the kindred of people known to the ancient world as the Ar’morians. This is a tale of overcoming faith and erotic conquest. A reality of an ancient place comes alive in this tale of Christian Erotic Themed Fantasy Fiction.

Aedan_Sayla · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings

Grimoire Heart Amazonian Paint Lady 1#

Amazonian Paint Lady Series #1 . . In a world where betrayal is no stranger, Ultear becomes stuck in a predicament that will forever change her tainted legacy. Since childhood she was constantly being used as instrument to commit evil deeds for the benefit of those around her but as she slowly descry from the truth she finds herself haunted by increasingly unnerving memories and visions of a person's unknown past. ____________ Date Started & Created: April 19, 2017 This novel is originally published on the Wattpad app, feel free to check out my book and follow me if you like :) A/N: THIS STORY IS ALL FICTIONAL AND JUST SO REMEMBER MAKING SUCH A STORY IS NEVER EASY PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME. ALWAYS GIVE CREDITS TO THE RIGHTFUL OWNER All Rights reserved 2017-2018

AncientHaileyComet · Fantasy Romance
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A young man is still clinging to his old high school dreams and fantasises after nearly a decade as his old flame comes back with an adventure for him and a lot of baggage. This young South African explorer and his associates journey to the Amazon forest to find an old treasure that has no limits and no boundaries. Join Lucas Keys and his friends Wayne Ndlovu and Zachariah Johnson as they travel into the unknown and leave with more knowledge than they were supposed to acquire; having a new dangerous enemy on their tails as he wishes to find Crimsonius and use it for his own horrible purposes. Adventure has many names, forms and faces and Khanya Komako introduces you to the first of his own craft.

Khanya_Komako · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings