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Grimoire Heart Amazonian Paint Lady 1#

Amazonian Paint Lady Series #1 . . In a world where betrayal is no stranger, Ultear becomes stuck in a predicament that will forever change her tainted legacy. Since childhood she was constantly being used as instrument to commit evil deeds for the benefit of those around her but as she slowly descry from the truth she finds herself haunted by increasingly unnerving memories and visions of a person's unknown past. ____________ Date Started & Created: April 19, 2017 This novel is originally published on the Wattpad app, feel free to check out my book and follow me if you like :) A/N: THIS STORY IS ALL FICTIONAL AND JUST SO REMEMBER MAKING SUCH A STORY IS NEVER EASY PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME. ALWAYS GIVE CREDITS TO THE RIGHTFUL OWNER All Rights reserved 2017-2018

AncientHaileyComet ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings