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Forever And Always

Forever And Always

When two orphaned siblings - Evie and Caleb - meets Joanna, they were very happy to have someone who treated them as special. Someone who loved them very much - a mother. But little did they know that meeting Joanna would change their lives. Not only did they lose their new home, they lost their 'mother' and Caleb lost his life in an accident planned by Joanna's husband. Evangeline is devastated and swears to take revenge on both Joanna and her husband - David. Evie realises that the more she tries to avenge Caleb, the more emptiness she feels. The more she tries to push the people around her away, the more they love her and expresses it. Will she let go of the anger and pain in her heart and accept love again? Or will she destroy herself and the people she loves because of her guilt? Well no matter what she chooses, Michael - son of David and Joanna - has promised to support her and love her unconditionally. Follow Evie on her journey to love and revenge.

Jewel_in_ur_heart · Romance
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