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Waking Dream

Waking Dream

Life is but a waking dream. What if dreams are real? You dream you are someone else, but in truth, you are living one of your other lives when you dream. Then in that case, which one is the real you? Jasmine is an ordinary teenage girl. Not very religious, not very academically inclined. In fact, her only talent seems to be an overactive imagination and the arts. Yet, is it really her imagination gone wild or are her dreams seem a little too vivid and coincidental? Dreams of a celestial war between angels and demons that seem to be around the time before Lucifer's fall from heaven are just some of the things she experiences. There are also the dreams of dragons, magic and unknown worlds, but when tragedy strikes and she finds herself in the form of Japanese shrine maiden who has been dreaming of her life and shares some of the same dreams that she has had.... wait a minute, what is going on here?

LakotaPhoenix · Teen
Not enough ratings