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The Two Alphas

The Two Alphas

Skyler Kingsley is the future Alpha of the Black Moon Pack. She's the most popular girl in school, but contrary to everyone's belief she is rather nice. She of course has her temper but most of the time she's not as described at all, other than her insane beauty. Olivia Wilde is the future Alpha of her pack, but her pack is filled with rogues and Vampires and even some witches. She just transferred to Hawkins Academy due to some 'Complications' at her old school. She could be described as a bad girl but she really is silly around certain people. What happens when these two girls find out they're mates? "Hmm, I bet you'd like that wouldn't you, princess?" I smirk and kiss her cheek.She stays still, shocked and I just walk away and get on my motorcycle.

KHunter14 · LGBT+
Not enough ratings