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You’re not a monster! You’re a hero!

This story is between two characters not knowing one another as well as the mothers do in a very unlike turn of events. The main character is a girl who is bullied not just at school but also at home by her family except from the mother she tried her best to keep her daughter from death’s door as much as possible if it means sacrificing her own life. Suya okalina is the name of the main character but others call her a nobody because she gets her quirk later than the other kids that turn 5 making her look weak to them. Suya’s quirk is a mix of a transformation type and emitter type but she also has something with a little bit of danger yet to find as she older she gets. After she gets her quirk she would have something mixed like a hybrid due to experiments since her mother was the only one with a quirk so the father needed a child to gain her quirk but after having 4 kids no luck until suya was born giving the crukid man an idea. Suya would be called a monster thanks to her father with the anger and ptsd she suffers from not trusting anyone in UA or anywhere in Japan. Suya’s hair is rarely white like her mother with her mothers eyes but when she’s angry her father’s eyes or get they think it was his eyes that begin to show since she’s an alpha. Her mother’s eyes are crystal blue that were gifted to 2 children especially Suya who is the youngest of the 4 making their family now with 5 kids. The father is a worker for Scorpio the second dangerous villain in Japan slowly taking over the spot of all for one. The family is in the middle of the rich and poor range thanks to the father working for the wealthy company boosting up their money and giving the mother a bit more time to take care of the kids but sometimes she would leave for hero duties then back very late to the house either unclean or untouched shaking how lazy the kids were before Suya was born.

Mitch_williams · Fantasy
Not enough ratings