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Don't Open Your Eyes

Don't Open Your Eyes

Meiah's invisible existence is forever changed when she reads the book that her crush recommends to her. In a blink of an eye, her boring life starts to go too well that she thinks it's too good to be true. ****** At a very young age, Meiah Angel Punzalan was left under care of her grandmother. She was raised conservative and very reserved. Her 'manang' style makes it harder for her to find real friends. It's because she has superpowers. A power to be invisible whenever she's in school. Her classmates can't see her when she's around. They ignore her and walk passed her like she's an air. Meiah's only inspiration to is her crush, Calyx Eithan Payne. She's just like any other girls who fall in love with Calyx. Even though he's an aloof and a snob. Not until Calyx starts to notice her. Will Meiah live her happily ever after? or she will doubt the sudden turning of the tide?

LunaticPessimist · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings