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Alone (Book 1: A Warrior Cat story)

Alone (Book 1: A Warrior Cat story)

This book is about the Warriors cat series, a lot of you reading this no what this is but if you don't its by a group called Erin Hunter and its about cats and clans that they are in, so go ahead and read at least the first series before you read this or you will have no idea what is going on at certain parts of this story. This is about a cat long after the days of Firestar, that is from his kin, he doesn't know who that is and is several generations from him. In fact no cats knows who he is at this point. The clans don't even exist at this point, they are far away in the past. If you don't know who Firestars sister Princess is she is from the first series, she had several kittens but gave one to Firestar, however the ones she didn't give to him, 1 in particular, is the great great great etc. Grandfather of this cat in this story, this is just a normal kitty pet that has no clue about any of this. However he has a dream one night about the clans and something about bringing them back together by a cat that's is apparently related to him. He is so confused and has no idea what it was, but after is owners through him out on the streets. He is alone with no one to go to, he runs to the foods, eating nasty berries because he has no way to learn how to hunt. But the same cat goes into his dreams and teaches him how to do all of it, once again telling him to rebuild the clans. After that he is alone once again with nowhere to go to, and no other cats the be near him. Can he make it out there alone?

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