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izumi the greeks goddess

izumi the greeks goddess

Izumi lives in the woods ever since she was little she does not know why or who her parents were but when she was little girl she had dreams of these beautiful people the said she had immortality and the all gave her strong powers and teached she how to speak and hunt for food whenever she wake up from the dreams she would see the person she dreamed about and show her how to use her power if it was a power they had to show her how to use. When Izumi was 10 she learned how to use all of her powers properly and she was strong then she stopped see them after that until one day when she was 12 she had a dream of all of them and they told her she had to go and explore. As she did what she was told she meet a hole bunch of people nice, mean, and sad people she had to choice what she wants to become in the future!!!!

xayli · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings