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God slayer: The fallen hero

God slayer: The fallen hero

A story about the strongest hero who betrayed the heaven. He was once feared by demons, worship by mortals and favored by gods. But one day, he starts to revolt against the celestials! Join his journey to this mystical land that is full of dangers, fortune, sadness, challenges, and hardship. Follow our fallen hero's adventure to find out the reason why he betrayed the celestials, that he once served, and witness how he slaughter them all... -------‐--------------------------------- This work is fiction that would involve different mythologies, theologies, cultures and histories. Any future content that might become offensive to one's belief are not intended. Again this work is pure fiction. ----------------------------------------- I am new in the writing world and this series is my first novel. If ever you found any errors in my writing just let me know so that i can improve and write better! The path to become a good author is no joke so i hope you can support me, as a reader, in this journey!

Shudaizi · Fantasy
Not enough ratings