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Suicide Society

World War 3 started in the year 2020 and ended in 2030 by all of the governments coming together and creating a society where if your between the ages of 1 and 13, you have 3 strikes before you have to die; if your 14 and/or 15, you have 2 strikes and the strikes keep resetting on your 14th and 16th birthdays. If your 16 and older, if you make a mistake, then you have to commit suicide within a time limit. If you don't succeed, then you and everyone around you will die. Ace, being a hacker and is known for trouble finding her, soon has to die. Although, she does find a dangerous way out of committing suicide..... She has to play in the Games. The Games are just regular, everyday games played around the world with a deadly efficient twist. Everyone has 5 rounds to win before the finally. The first round they get 6 games to choose from, 2nd round 5, 3rd round 4, and so on and so forth. The final round is chosen by the Games Referee, who is usually a survivor of the Games. One thing that no one knows until the end is that if you have allies, you won't have to defeat them. The winner/winners of the games get a clean slate, a new life, and won't ever have to do what everyone else does unless they go and murder or rape someone. After winning the tough battle, she now has to figure out a way to destroy this Suicide Society after it being in place for more than a century and not cause chaos to everyone else. Read this grotesque roller coaster ride to find out if Ace Base actually succeeds.

Rose_Bane ยท Sci-fi Romance
Not enough ratings