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Natasha: The last Hybrid

Natasha: The last Hybrid

Natasha was only seventeen years of age when she was stabbed by her mother. On the verge of dying, Natasha makes a deal with Odessa (Queen of the underworld) to become something she never knew exist. Something that would change her life forever. Torrin James lived a relatively normal life. He was one of the best hunters, good-looking, and most importantly, quiet. It wasn't until his stepfather, Garrett (The King of Humans) sent him on a mission to capture a certain hybrid, that his life finally began to make sense. Despite Natasha's and Torrin's dislike for one another, they team up to stop Rahul (The King of Demons) to help put a stop to the evil that's taken over the world. Only fate will decide whether they defeat Rahul or not. That is if Torrin doesn't betray Natasha. Will Torrin find it in himself to kill the only creature who has ever made him feel truly on edge? Or will he finally accept his feeling towards her?

EliD · Sci-fi Romance
Not enough ratings