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That One Flight (Short Story)

That One Flight (Short Story)

BOOK ONE from the 'O'Neill Series'. Arriving at the airport, Ana feels the intense euphoria take over her body. While waiting in line to drop off her baggage, her eyes accidentally fall upon someone who will literally change her life. For the better. *EXTRACT FROM THE BOOK* "You know..." he begins. "Words can't even describe the feeling I get when I see you smile.". His words leave an effect on me, as they always do... "You know, you are going to have to try harder if you expect me to fall for you..." I reply. "Well, haven't you already fallen for me? You have your head on my shoulder and your hand around mine. I know I ain't no doctor Cupid, but to me, that signals something.". I chuckle at his words. "Also, who said I was trying to make you fall for me?" he asks, raising his eyebrow. I sarcastically widen my eyes. "Oh, so you are not trying to make me fall for you?". "I didn't say that..." he replies. "Oh, so you are...". "Just go to sleep..." he says through his smile. I gladly accept his request and lay back down onto his shoulder.

Strale · Contemporary Romance
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