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Overlord Naruto

Overlord Naruto

Those who don't want to read my novel please don't leave a review or comment. Please remove your comments or review if you have posted it by mistake. Those who like to trash comment on every new authors novel or fanfic just die and burn in hell. Why waste your time if you don't like it. Go and read other books which you love. This story is taking place in alternate version of narutoverse . The main character has a different judgement and mentality from the original naruto . His soul has transfered to the body of recently died Naruto as a compensation from a true god . He woke up with all the memories of Naruto . As he is from earth he will not stand the rude behaviour from others towards himself . He is not alone he brought the guild of ainz ooal gown and ultimate system with him . I am new writer so please understand I am not perfect . If readers can understand my story that's enough for me . If you are searching for grammar please go and look at a grammar book . As a new writer I am writing as much as possible with few mistakes . The first 20 chapters have the most mistakes . So please don't comment about it . I can only update new chapters with few mistakes . May God bless you all and be safe dear readers .

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