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Reincarnated as a Side Character

Reincarnated as a Side Character

She died She died due to some freaking moron decided to stomp his foot on his car accelerator causing his car to collide to her car, killing her before the bystander call for help. But it was not the end for her. She woke up occupying someone body with the same name. Realized that she was reincarnated as one of the side character in the famous novel titled "Unconditional Love" She decided to live her life the way she wanted instead of involving herself in the flow of the novel. but not everything always go according to her plans, especially when one of the main character doesn't want her to be just a side character. ==================== STATUS: SLOW UPDATE it's a cliche story. Author: ashyfeiya Editor: teena Book cover: insomiaticluna

MundaneClub · Romance
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