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How to Make Babies with my BFF

How to Make Babies with my BFF

Ane and Gil are the bestest of best friends. They always do things together. They eat together, laugh together and cry together like normal friends would but.. They sleep together, bathe together and f*ck together like rabbits would ______________________________________________ Excerpt: A certain 8-year-old cries to her mom "Mom! when i woke up.. *sob* my peens stood up.. *sob*and.. and.. it turned red! *sob* Am I going to die?" A certain doctor mother with a stoic face camly explained to her son " It is called nocturnal penile tumescence. It is normal for boys like you because your testosterone is at its peak during morning. You will not die from it. And it is penis not peens." A certain husband looks at his wife "Um.. Honey.. isn't too advance for our Gilly?" A certain wife looks at her husband as if he's an idiot "I have an IQ of 175, and most likely he inherited it from me. He could understand it clearly." A certain bullied husband could only sigh in exasperation. His wife is too smart to argue with. "Dad, do you also have nocturnal penile tumescence?" "Um.. Yes" "Then how could my penis go down?" "Um.. I.." A certain father looks uncomfortable because of his child awkward question "I normally do this to your dad" A certain wife grabs a banana and grips it "and I massage it up and down" She slides her hand up and down on the banana. A certain husband suddenly loosen his necktie "Um.. Honey.. isn't too explicit?" The child looks at his mom in amazement and suddenly forms an idea. 'So I have to look for someone to help my penis to go down. Maybe Ane could help me' he thought. Then he suddenly runs towards his bedroom where his best friend stayed for a night. "Ane! wake up! You have to help my penis go down!" A certain cute doll-like girl woke up and said while rubbing her big almond eyes. "What's a penis?" *Cover is not mine*

matajohn460 · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings