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The Robin Hood

The Robin Hood

Anya is a former-street-rat-turned-vigilante. She, along with a tech-savvy boy she took off the street, steal for a living. Only, they don't steal for themselves. Instead, all profit the two make goes straight to others like them, who were kicked out of their homes and abused on the streets. Anya's and her partner's aliases were well-known through the entire United States. For the homeless they helped, they were known as heroes and defenders of justice. But for those they stole from, they were known as some of the highest-priority criminals in the country. While the majority of the country chased after Anya's alias, there were a couple individuals after her for a different reason: the death of the former President of the United States. Anya's only goal is to survive and help those in need, but she's suddenly thrown for a loop when a call for help is issued to her from the strangest possible source. Anya's name was lost in history, but her alias was repeated for thousands of years. In fact, her wanted posters were considered precious treasures, depicting a figure hidden completely by a long black cloak, the hood pulled low over the face, a Barrett M82 held in pale hands, and the name in bold: ROBIN HOOD.

LifeInShadow · Realistic Fiction
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