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Lu Ting's Most Precious Treasure

Lu Ting's Most Precious Treasure

Tan Xing (female lead) was kidnapped while returning to her rented apartment and she was unknown about the reason for this kidnapping and was kept in a warehouse near the seashore and left alone to die. That particular day changed her life as it helped to regain her lost memories, she also got inhumane power which cannot be explained, and now all she wanted was revenge from whoever plotted her both life-threatening situations, which she believed was plotted by the same person. Here we will also see the turning points of our Female lead how she will meet our Male lead a self-made business owner of an international conglomerate who is also known as a cold-hearted businessman but unknown to anyone after marrying our FM he will turn into a wife doting machine who only wants to fulfill each and every wish of his missus but charging little kisses in return. So let's start our journey. This image was taken from Pinterest and if the picture owner does not want this picture to be used here then the picture will be immediately taken down.

Aarista · Contemporary Romance
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