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Anita - Gentle wife simulation must be uprooted.

Anita wiped her tears after her husband left. "Hurray"she jumped for joy. "I'm finally divorced. Hurray" Suddenly, there was a knock on the door and Anita quickly put on her pitiful facade. Opening the door, her husband comes in with an amused face. "You...we're already divorced. So just let me be" she starts sobbing. "Dear, you can fool anyone but me. The papers you signed were for a big house I wanted to give you as present. How do you like it?" he asked. Anita finally put down her pitiful expression. Replacing it was an angry tiger. "That's how my wife ought to be" her husband said as he sat with applause. "Come sit on my laps, let me pamper you silly my dear tigress" he beckoned.

Elfrida_Ihwihwu ยท Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings