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Mind Games and Monster Domes

Elias Triston was normal, in every sense of the word. Whelp, until the fetal day of 11 September 2001. Finding that some concepts of religion might be just a little wrong and that yes: things like magic definitely exist. Tasked with something that was harder to do than it was supposed to be and armed with the gift from the Scales, it might just be a little easier. If only that was how it works. He had never dreamt of fighting or traveling. But apparently that was something that was expected of him. At least it made finding out who was playing around with the lives of others just that much easier. Too bad that his magic was a little chaotic and sometimes borderline uncooperative. Update: Monthly. 11:00 Words per chapter: 1000 or more Chapters per update: 7-9

AshKit124 ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings