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Trouble Waters

Trouble Waters

Trouble Waters isn’t your typical girl. To begin with, her name has limited her circle of friends or lack thereof. Second, her parents seemed to have named her perfectly. Trouble was Trouble’s friend, like literally. She would always end up ruining one thing or another. So it was not that surprising that people tend to hate, avoid and as much as possible ignore her, even her teachers weren’t very subtle about it. Trouble knew that “normal” has a different meaning in her dictionary. But Trouble has a secret. A secret that has something to do with her past. Elliot Tresman could never imagine Trouble as a friend even though he was greatly acquainted with her brother Trey. Not that she was ugly or stinky but there was just something odd about her. Though he often felt sorry for Trouble, Elliot preferred to keep his distance from the labeled school freak and not taint the reputation that he has built. But life began twisting his fate and Elliot soon learned that his own secrets were intertwined with Trouble and to keep them safe, he must make a choice. Bound by their shared fate, Trouble and Elliot must work together to save their present and make sure that the world would still have a future. But with all their differences, would they become friends or foes? And would each of them be willing to make sacrifices of their own to save one or the other? What would it take to stop their lives from becoming ruins? Would love blossom or would it turn to hate and deception? Read on and the answers shall unfold.

SJ_Distrito · Fantasy Romance