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The Queer Emperor's Wife Is A Little Too Daring!

The Queer Emperor's Wife Is A Little Too Daring!

" I will love you far and beyond------ If there exists eternity, I'll be there right behind you. For if by your side I find myself then where else could I be without you... " ********* Excerpt: " Who are you? Why do you keep following me!" "...because it's you?" A certain shameless purple eyed stalker retorted. " Why are you leaching off here for? Find someone else! " "...because it's you!" the certain unashamed purple eyed leacher explained. " Aaaahhh! Get lost you pervert! " " Well how can I?...because it's y..." even before Wu Jun Jie could retort back with his shameless speeches, Jun Ai Nian had already took out a knife to castrate him! ***** ° Who said only male leads have to be cold and all powerful? Nah...they could be subservient right? ° Who said a hero can't be a weakling?...Well, who won't like the idea of having a ML playing the role of a damsel in distress! ° Who said a male lead has to always stand atop general masses?... He could just be whiny little fellow that feels no shame in hiding behind his wife! Well, when you have --- A dominating female lead possessing a very ruthless and cruel heart, a person with multiple personality disorder (well not quite so), has a serious case of obsession with money over handsome hunks! A mischievous, cunning and covetous male lead who acts cute (only in front of fl), has a serious case of typical ML jealously syndrome, is black bellied but a docile and filial husband through and through! --- A novel such as this is possible! ********* Not every fantasy romance is unreal. For Love has never been a fantasy! Join in this fun filled sugery romance with a few fluffs here and a few thrills there with Jun Ai Nian and Wu Jun Jie whilst overcoming mysteries, schemes and thrills that lay in their paths.

_AiRen_ · Fantasy Romance
The adventures of Skylar

The adventures of Skylar

Skylar was just another teen with the most basic life and not believeing in magic just like others.She was moving in a new house w/ her mother and she discovered a basement they were uninformed about Find out more by reading my book pls read pls (i did not draw the thumbnail i got it from google)

Rainy_Day01 · Historical Romance
Not enough ratings