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Curio: The Sex Life I Was Not Expecting.

Curio: The Sex Life I Was Not Expecting.

Curio Boni is an 18 year old half human half cat. She has an 8 year old daughter and her name is Mey Boni. They're in a place called MoAnia. Where its citizens are horny and slutty. Mey is the only kid that's in MoAnia because her mother wants her to stay with her and Mey is afraid of the outisde world. Kidzonia is the place where parents leave their kids their to grow up and they'll return to their parents once they're 14. Curio one day got in a sticky situation in the Tenta Castle leaving Mey behind. Curio thought her life is just going to be a sex slave forever to the octopuses, but a wake up call made her think twice and think about her decision. She escaped the scary place and reunited with her daughter. Now together, they try to plan on how they're going to turn MoAnia back to its lovely place in the past. Two people will come up soon as main characters. Support me right here! Cause I can't earn money I'm probably going to starve soon. Patreon.com/TionUwU

Tion_Official · Fantasy
Not enough ratings