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My Little Miracle

"Our story began badly, continued magnificently, and ended horribly, never to be read again. I left him. Now I'm gonna put this diary on the dustyest part of my shelf, never to open it again. Because I don't have an Adrien to read with, and I promised myself that it would be." Marinette, who is only sixteen years old, is forced to leave her home and friends behind as she moves with her family from Lyon to Paris. In Paris, her life changes with the love of her life, Adrien, and a strange and ancient miracle from ancient times. This miracle will give them special powers to protect Paris from evil forces. Will the heroes be able to successfully complete this special mission? How will life unite the Ladybug, Cat Noir in love with her, and Marinette, who loves Adrien like crazy? Despite the hardships they have experienced since that day, will they be able to get together and become a family years later? -- Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir

guldemdemircan · Teen
Not enough ratings

Reversed - A Miraculous Ladybug Fan-Fiction

Adrien and Marinette’s lives are reversed now. What will happen?

bugstorys · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings