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System: Harry The Harem lord

System: Harry The Harem lord

He was reborn as Harry Potter, but at the wrong time. That wasn't the only problem. As time passed, he found that it wasn't the same world as Harry Potter which he knew from the novel. One of the biggest differences was polygamy in the Wizarding world, but well it is great since he has a harem system. It's like "Favorite food and doctor recommended it when ill." Join the journey of Harry, a young wizard who embark on the road of friendship, passion, and love, to become the Harem Lord! Biggest Harem ever! First Arc: The Boy Who Lived Second Arc: Ilvermorny(american wizarding school) Please give a review after reading this novel. Help me add the tags: Academy, Adopted Protagonist, Adultery, Age Progression, Alchemy, Anal, Army Building, Arrogant Characters, Artificial Intelligence, BDSM, Boss-Subordinate Relationship, Caring Protagonist, Celebrities, Character Growth, Charming Protagonist, Child Protagonist, Cold Love Interests, Confident Protagonist, Conspiracies, Cooking, Cousins, Death of Loved Ones, Demi-Humans, devoted love interest, Divine Protection, Dragons, Dwarfs, Exhibitionism, Familial Love, Famous Protagonist, Fellatio, Game Elements, Goblins, Handjob, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Hiding True Abilities, Incest, Magic, Male Protagonist, Multiple Identities, Nobles, Nurses, Older Love Interests, Paizuri, Phoenixes, R-18, Sex Friends, Sexual Cultivation Technique, Shapeshifters, Threesome, Time Skip, Transformation Ability, Transported into Another World, Tsundere, Wars, Wizards, Witches, Yandere Disclaimer: Neither cover nor original story belongs to me. If anyone of them has a problem, I will take it down or delete it entirely.

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