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Tattooed On My Mind

The bed is creaking while she cry. I don't know if she need some help because she is crying, very loud. I want to roll out under the bed but I don't know what she will do. Maybe, get angry? Well, not new to that, she always do. Minutes goes by, it stop creaking. A pair of toes walk out of the door. She's still in the room. How can go? I guess, I will wait her to go outside too. A minute or two, she scream my name. She's calling me. What to do??! I cuss myself for being stuck here. She continue to call my name. For the last call, she's angry. No choice "Mom? I'm here." I roll out and stick my head out. She search for me and when she found me. I met here shock eyes. Why? why shock?

_morpheus_ ยท Teen
Not enough ratings