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Monster Gene

Deguchi Taisuke is an 18-year-old male, he was playing a game when a shadowy aura appears on his screen when playing the game called Monster-Verse, an error shows on his screen and he gets electrocuted, he then died and is reincarnated as a handsome male in a universe full of monsters and aliens. Deguchi Taisuke will reincarnate with a system and a strange monstrous power, his system can tell him lots of things, Deguchi Taisuke can evolve by eating monsters and aliens, he can even live longer the more he evolves.

The_Monster_Gene · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings

Lost Soul's

A story of a peasant boy on the southern outskirts of Marxis until his world gets turned upside down by discovering a power long forgotten as ancient evils return, hero's fall, and legends rise

David_Riggs · Fantasy
Not enough ratings