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Cursed Love (Forbidden Quest)

"The phoenix and flower of phoenix ( aka protector) are bound in a forbidden love because a demon was feeding on their love flower. If the phoenix was unable to find the flower, the phoenix will lose its life." The Shuman kingdom had broken its chain with the Shemod kingdom. Now, they are rivals. Until Arnab sent a marriage proposal to Insha. Though both kingdoms are in enmity. Could the flower of their love bloom or not? Arnab wanted to seek vengeance on Insha's family because he knew that her parents killed his parents. The adventurous journey of rivals that were bound in cursed had started to bloom? Would the phoenix find its flower or the flower (aka protector ) would repeat the same tragedy? Could doomed love of phoenix and flower meet a new adventure?  …….. A lady in red attire was singing this poem. Arnab was a little mesmerized by the poem. She was pure white. She was a demure and alluring girl.  Arnab saw just her backside. She was singing the poem while moving forward. Arnab followed her instinctively. Then he saw a light...the white light from his body. It was emerging from his body and was going towards the girl. The girl when saw the light came backward but her face was covered. "Who are you ?" Arnab asked while he was in shock. "Me.  ...I am the master...the master who had been waiting for your arrival.." Then the lady laughed hysterically. Arnab saw a red light...The red light was flowing above her red. It then mixed with the white light of Arnab. Arnab did not think that he would meet her in his dreams. There were a lot of questions he wanted to ask. He wanted to see her face. But looking from her side...she looked in her 20s. Why was she covering her face? Arnab saw the lady coming towards her. He got alert and then he pulled out the knife quietly. He was waiting for the lady to act but…The lady stopped and frowned. "Do you think that I will let you off easily huh?" The lady said and then she lifted her hands. She crossed her arms to make X mark with her arms. She then cast a spell... Arnab looked at her closely. She was a young girl and had a mole behind her lips. But the spells she was casting were forbidden... She then pounced on Arnab and stabbed his back. Arnab screamed..Protect me ..protect me.. The lady smiled and then left. Arnab was senseless. .......... Hit me on discord Madyan_Wani #9363 ( CTTO of the photo used )

MADYAN_WANI · Fantasy Romance