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Veiled Saga: Conquest and Domination

Veiled Saga: Conquest and Domination

"If I can't conquer your heart, I will conquer your land." He smirks in the heat of the moment, with drumming heart and trepidation from those audacious words he just declared. And finally, he dealt a spit for his last growl: "This world shall know Domination!" =============== Miguel was an Ex-General falsely accused and was sentenced to death. He transmigrated as a spirit trapped in the body of a former young master, turned to a slave: Argus. The era is at the age of conquest, a millennia before Miguel's country was colonized. Or so Miguel thought? During his takeover, however, Argus's spirit is still alive! Regaining his control against Miguel's spirit. At each change of the phase of the moon, Miguel and Argus swaps. Two souls in one body, two fate under one path. They then come to an agreement and declares to conquer the world. Read as the story unravels the mysteries of this newfound world. How would Miguel and Argus deal with their complicated shared-life while treading their own path to Domination? A Glorious Veiled Saga that re-writes history! =============== photo, not mine. UPDATES REGULARLY: 1 CHAPTER DAILY, w/ OCCASIONAL BONUS CHAPTERS All aboard and welcome to the world of Veiled Saga! DM me at discord for any questions or if you have something to say. (ID: Suezaro#2503) This is my first novel on this platform, Nice meeting you! PLEASE SUPPORT MY BOOK! If you are Filipino reading this, Please support my novel. This story is based on the civilization, culture, and traditions we once had. I hope I can do the best in portraying ours.

Suezaro · Fantasy
Skipping Time Stones

Skipping Time Stones

Suddenly her head felt like it was going to split open. It was as if someone was sucking it into an invisible vacuum cleaner. A very big invisible vacuum cleaner was going to swallow her. And it did. This was it. This was how she was dying. Oh no. She was dying a nerd! Her gravestone would read 'Isobel Ferguson, died completing her geography assignment'. This was not how she wanted to go! ~•~ Meet Isobel Ferguson. A ridiculously smart redhead. She reads and loves information, no matter how unrelated to her that thing is. ...Then all of a sudden gets teleported to outer space? Meet Jayden Denton. A blonde guy who also suffered the same fate. These two from Western Lydor are deemed compatible by a computer program. So, they are teamed up to save worlds from ending. With not only one but having multiple worlds to be destroyed on their hand which will suffer the doom and die out, they do their best to make everything right. But will everything be alright? Is there a reason for all this chaos? Will you follow them around the worlds to save them? Contact me: Twitter: @GraceCayford Discord Group: https://discord.gg/hp4jdNY Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/GraceCayford Cover by: Grace Cayford, aka, ME.

GraceCayford · Sci-fi Romance
Alive: Dream World (ON PAUSE)

Alive: Dream World (ON PAUSE)

A novel whose FL thinks and acts like us, readers; she's not dense and has seven love interests. The characters won't give you any stress. Includes ACTION scenes like sword-fighting, archery, horseback riding and etc. FUNNY scenes. HEARTFELT family scenes. INTRIGUING past stories of the characters. Learn basic SELF-DEFENSES and MARTIAL ARTS. **Synopsis** The story starts with her waking up in an unknown world. A world where all seems like a dream to her. She is royalty. A complete family. A father who truly care for her. Seven charming princes who wants to win her heart. A world where all her dreams came true. But, will it last? Where does she really belong? Was her life on Earth, just a dream? Or is it this unknown world? Until, she suddenly forgot her name on Earth. And started remembering pieces of Laurana's memories. That's just the beginning... But, for now, this is her dream world. **End of Synopsis** Hi, there!! This is my first original novel. Join Princess Laurana and the Seven Princes on their journey towards love, friendship, and their future. NOVEL UPDATES: (5 chapters/week) 1 chapter/day from Monday to Friday (Beijing time). Please give me motivation and support! Thank you! -red_grapes- Novel Start: 06/14/20 (The cover picture is not mine, credits to the rightful owner. Source: Google Images.)

red_grapes · Fantasy Romance