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I don't want to Mc, I'm just Extra

I don't want to Mc, I'm just Extra

Raqnid and his classmates have been sent to another world to kill Demon King.Raqnid is one who does not like to receive much attention because he wants his life to be easy and he does not want to carry many responsibilities. Raqnid tries to live as easily as possible in the new world. However, everything that happened to Raqnid in the new world was extraordinary and difficult to conceal. Not only that, it appears that a woman named Shara from the Elf kingdom has been a hindrance to Raqnid's survival as an additional character.      How is Raqnid's journey in the new world ?? Will he achieve his goal of being an additional character or will he be the main character in this new world ?? Genre: - Action, Romance, Adventure, Fantasy,Comedy

Spec_Eye · Fantasy
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