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Kira and Jared

[Historical Romance] [Mature content] After watching me struggle to his heart's content, he gripped my neck and started choking me. Then he began to inflict long painful bites on my neck and chest, sucking on the wound he inflicted like a vampire and grossly licking my skin like a dog. I was in so much pain but was too tired to scream. Then he tore off my undergarments, leaving me bare underneath him. He stared at my body for a few seconds then started to have his way with it. "Edrin stop pleeeeaassseeee!" I begged continuously, but he was lost in his world of devilish ecstasy to hear me.... Kira, a naive girl is about to meet her worst nightmare after becoming the wife of Edrin, the Verthonian Prince. But what happens when Jared, the man she loves turns out to be the brother of her abusive husband? Read on and find out... Note: Pictures on book cover gotten from google.

Esther_Ashar ยท Historical Romance
Not enough ratings