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Last Dance - Rising Era RAW

The sequel to the first series Last Dance, a thousand years after the tragedy of the first destruction began, an earth that has completely changed shape and a world inhabited by more than millions of species and digital technology is no longer the foundation of human life. Last Dance - Rising Era; tells about the adventures of a boy in reaching his goal of becoming a hero like his ancestors. The story begins when he entered the academy.

LeonXIV · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Help! I reincarnated into the villainess with the most tragic ending

After getting hit by so called truck-kun I reincarnated into the world inside the novel. Moreover it is the novel where the villainess died in the most tragic way. It is already bad enough when I reincarnated into a villainess, why do male leads ans side characters keep bothering me?? And why is the female lead not as the novel described, is it a error? Find out more!!!

OwO_5374 · Historical Romance
Not enough ratings