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Quick transmigration of rotten meat

Quick transmigration of rotten meat

A super cool novel, i saw from my favourite author. i am translating it in chinese hope you like it....... dedecated to orignial author. 18 Forbidden love at first sight! Obviously just doing tasks, why do the male owners always love to approach her? 1. The mother who is estranged from her son X The son who longs for maternal love (ancient romance) 1v1> End 2. The president of Gollen Oba X simple intellectual sister (modern romance) 1v2> End three, F4 four princes X rich second generation girl (idol drama) ) 1V4>End 4. College Girlfriend Boyfriend X Girl Who Loves Learning (Modern) 1v1>End 5、Y Country Young Handsome Duke X Study Abroad Girl (Foreign) 1v2> End 6、Senior Executive (Tram Plot) Fake Fool X shy work girl (fantasy romance) (this male match has no meat ~ just a bit of drama at the end ~) 1v2? >End 7、Stalling and farming male (Goldfinger Farm) X ex-girlfriend school flower 1v1>End 8、Abdicate and gain the priesthood X honourable eldest princess (ancient Xiuxian (a little bit)) 1v2> End 9、The belly black emperor X was one-night stand The maidservant (Gongdou) 1v1> End ten. Merry Hong Kong Governor (Inspiration Source: Talking about the Case) X Family Lady (Detective Drama) 1v?

Ek_Vish · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings