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David vs. the Meaning of Life and Why It's a Cute Red-Haired Girl

David is an ordinary college student with no clue what he wants to do with his life. He believes that life has no higher meaning or purpose and lives simply for the sake of living. One day, he encounters a strange red-haired girl named Lucia who seems to be in terrible danger. David decides that he must go against his beliefs and save this girl because... well because she's pretty cute. David's life of solitude and uneventfulness takes a drastic turn the moment the unbelievably unlucky Lucia becomes a part of it. DavidVS tells the story of how David and Lucia somehow manage to make everyday life one big perilous and exciting adventure. *Cover picture is not mine. It is Kasumi from Persona 5 Royal drawn by caidychenkd on Twitter. I take no credit for it.*

PAVES ยท Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings