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The 1st volume of gxg irritating mates romantic collection of THE SCENTS. Vol. 1.1: Bloody Chocolate Frizabelle Marshall was a very talented teenage wolf who was celebrating her 18 birthday but in the middle of the night and fun, a sudden interruption came alarming for everyone in the pack of IrisMoon. The unexpected interruption began the changes within her. As this particular vampire rogue which was called Celestial Ceres Aspire was the main reason why she was always at the edge as if her control over her temper was always thin. Despite unintentionally being irritated over the scent of the vampire rogue, she couldn’t just ignore that fact that they were mates. But something in her really disturbed her feelings which she doesn't want it to be because of the mate’s pull. Instead, she hoped it was something more beyond what mate’s pull has; love. Vol 1.2: Chocolate Mint Ceres became a certified member of the IrisMoon pack as well being accepted by them and being married to the princess of the pack, Frizabelle. Everything was normal to their lives as newlyweds and being great doing what's best for the pack but that was so easy for them apart from doing ‘human thing’. They have quarrels, sweet moments and to Ceres, she always has time to tease Frizabelle just to meet her wife’s irritating mood. Well, that so typical romance between them apart from one thing…Getting a baby. To humans, it might be simple problem but to them it was a very big deal and how would Ceres be a mother if she's a fallen rogue. Vol 1.3: Strawberry Note (soon to add) All Rights Reserved

MistIris · LGBT+
Not enough ratings