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Against Cultivators: New Born Retributor

Arnulfo, powerful yet childish mage of the earth that no one could defeat... He started to feel bored and his power started to feel a bit stagnant for being not used for too long... But as he thought he would die like that, a system brought him to another world. [The Prince of the Chura Kingdom successfully turned into coal, +1,000 experience points. ] When the great calamity occurred, the heavenly place was destroyed and the road to the immortal plain was cut off. When the remaining cultivators thought that because heaven was destroyed and so was the lightning tribulations don't exist anymore, I, a mage from earth was summoned by the system of heaven to become the tribulation. I am not a god, and I am not the creator, but I don't care, as long as I have the rules of heaven in my hand. [The Dragon from the east turned into grilled fish +550 experience points] Yet if you think everything starts him as a powerful individual, you are greatly wrong... Watch as he walks in his path towards the power, defies heaven by defying the system, and wields rye power of lightning to eliminate all odds... Of course, grills some cultivators. A/N: Thanks for coming here, please enjoy reading. Support the author. The book cover isn't mine and would never claim mine, credit to the real artist of the book. May your day be in peace and find your success.

Morach_Of_Death ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings