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The Equivalent Exchange System (EES) is the reason why life still exists in this Universe! Like!? and Hate!? True!? and False!? Strong!? and Weak!? Those words are the example of opposite words, that equilibrium effect to counterpart the other one. Like the Ying and Yang in Chinese culture, the other one won't exist if the other one did not. The same as risk and power, if you want a stronger power you have to accept its drawbacks and weakness. The stronger your power you can think of, the greater the risk you will receive. The equivalent exchange system is the reason why the Virtual Reality (VR) game called Z-ONE is famous throughout the world. Z-ONE is the first VR game in the history of mankind that can fully immerse 100% into the game. Inside the game, you can choose what power you want at the beginning and improve that power along the way to the top and become the game's Game Masters (GM). And one person has an idea on what power he will choose and that was LUCK either the system can provide him with that power or not it doesn't matter to him as long as he can avoid being misfortune even once in his life he can die without any regrets. And that person is the protagonist of this story TYRO who is a very unfortunate person since birth. His childhood friends called him Jack of Misfortune, nicknaming him JM instead of Tyro. That name he uses until he reaches college. Then the game was released in the 5th year of his degree in Engineering. By the time he graduated, he ignored everything and focus on the game to change is the destiny of being unfortunate.

DEAT96 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Ability System

Roman, a 18 year who was raise an orphan, encounters a strange, homeless man who sends him to an alternate world with monster and abilities. To help him adapt he’s beef given a system to help him grow.

Droopy_Kid · Fantasy
Not enough ratings