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Possessing krinshing de morte

"Hey get back here!" "Where the hell is she?" I heard loud voices screaming outside the mansion and I got dressed Immediately wearing a blue shirt and black jeans. "What in the world-" a blow landed on my jaw, I stumbled backwards grabbing my bruised jaw. That was one heavy blow. "Tell me where is she?" the girl asked. "where is Jazlyn?" "Who the hell are you and how did you get in?." I growled out. I was still yet to recover from the injury Jazlyn caused on my face and now this one, this girl could really punch why am I surrounded by crazy women. "My name is Aimee bitch!. Now tell me where did you keep my friend. Where's Jazlyn?" she demanded. Ohhh Aimee shing Jazlyn friend. "I don't know and how did you get in?" I asked again rubbing my sore jaw, I am sure there will be bruises. Aimee folded her hands looking away nervously. "I damaged the gates." she replied quite embarrassed. "With what?" "My car dumb ass!" she snapped. "Don't ever in your life call me that understand." I threaten her making my voice much deeper than usual, she trembled a little under my touch I smirked. "Where is Jazlyn?" she asked in a small voice. "She is fine." I ended the conversation and left. "But she..." I spinned so fast grabbed her by the neck. "I suggest you keep your mouth shut I am in no mood for a chitchat understand." she quickly nod looking away and I let go of her neck. "Sir you have visitors." my butler called. "Who?" I snarled. "Genevieve Julio." I froze my heart thumped so fast that it became hard to stand. The quade what are they doing here...

Salem_Goodness_20 · Fantasy Romance

Rise Of The Swarm

This story is about man who gets reincarnated into a Zerg and now has learn a bit about himself and the people around him, if he wishes to survive. ****** This is my first novel, sorry if it's a little bad (that's also why my description is horrible) but I promise it gonna get better I don't own the cover page( If I get one) Scribblehub : Starsign Royal Road : Starsign **** Disclaimer: this book may have descriptions of sexual conduct and violence. Viewers discretion is advised Disclaimer: I don't own any character or anything form Starcraft

Starsign · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

My Absorption System

Huge portals opened up on Earth, bringing along strange and powerful monsters who humankind couldn't defeat. Everything seemed lost, but one day, a human found an ability book inside a place they called dungeons. Humanity slowly started to get back on track, and the most powerful ability books were kept hidden, only to be passed down generation after generation. Arthur, a poor boy who didn't receive an ability book from his family, and was doomed to be bullied and buried, unable to rise his rank on society. One day, everything changed. The ability he had always been searching for was already inside of him, asleep, and revealed itself when he turned 14...

magekiller77 · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings

Ability System

Roman, a 18 year who was raise an orphan, encounters a strange, homeless man who sends him to an alternate world with monster and abilities. To help him adapt he’s been given a system to help him grow.

Droopy_Kid · Fantasy
Not enough ratings