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Absolute Stealing

Absolute Stealing

Alexander Hartman was an avid Marvel fan. He knew all of the Marvel knowledge from the comic version to the MCU version. He always amazed by the classic hero portrayed by Captain America and a supervillain like Thanos. Even though he was an avid Marvel fan, he never thought or also want to transmigrate there! As an avid Marvel fan himself, Alexander knew how dangerous was the Marvel Universe. Various villains lurked in the dark plotting to destroy the world every day. Just an ordinary superhero fight would ruin at least a city district with much civilian death. Not just that, the fact that various Cosmic Entities existed already too much for him to handle. Alexander never felt so much despair. Luckily, it seems Goddess of Luck shined her light upon him. He transmigrated into 1943 where World War 2 was ongoing.

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Swallow a God in Douluo Dalu

Swallow a God in Douluo Dalu

Liu Changhai was a medical student at Fudan University. Has high academic value and a hobby of reading all books, even novels are not spared from his collection. But good fortune is not on his side. He suddenly suffered from a mysterious illness, which even all doctors in the entire country could not find out about. An illness that had no symptoms, and suddenly paralyzed almost Liu Changhai's entire body. Only the hands and head can function. However, the disease did not stop there, and the condition got worse. All organs have malfunctioned. Before his death, Liu Changhai saw a luminous creature that was human but did not have a face. He just silent and stretched out his hand, then touched Liu Changhai's forehead in his last breath. -------------------------------------------------- This is Fanfic's novel about Douluo Dalu & Immortal World Respect to Tang Jia San Shao and 唐家 三 少. for making this extraordinary novel. -------------------------------------------------- - -- --- ----- Release Schedule ?/Week. If there something problem, maybe I'll release a new chapter in just one section in a few weeks. ----- --- -- - Cover: Quick Transmigration: Male Lead, You're Overpowered? https://id.pinterest.com/pin/587508713874873961/

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